Utherverse has announced it has formed a new partnership with Tokensoft. According to the agreement, both sides will be issuing new digital assets and also facilitating each other in the token presales.

Utherverse has built its reputation being one of the largest platforms for metaverse in the entire world. On the other hand, Tokensoft is a technology platform, known for the creation and launch of digital assets.

Purpose of the Deal

The entire purpose of the deal is to take advantage of the technology and resources both sides have to offer each other.

Uthervese will be using the leading technology services offered by Tokensoft for the creation of new digital assets. It will also work with Tokensoft to provide its support in the presale of its native token.

According to the reports, Utherverse had been aiming to launch its Uther Coin (UTHX) in the market. For this purpose, the platform is eager to carry out the initial decentralized offering (IDO) for its token.

This is where the partnership will come in as Tokensoft will be helping their platform in facilitating the presale of UTHX with their advanced technology.

Utility of the Uther Coin

Utherverse intends to launch the Uther Coin as a primary token in their ecosystem. It will be the native token used for carrying out transactions.

The metaverse giant wants to launch next-generation products and services through its Utherverse Software Platform. The users will interact with the particular platform and process transactions using UTHX.

Utherverse has hinted that they will be adding more tokens to their portfolio and to the ecosystem. However, the UTHX will act as the primary token and will be the preferred token on all of their platforms.

According to the platform, the worldwide dominance of the metaverse is not far away. They will give users the real experience of the metaverse through their platforms.

Once the users start interacting with their platform, they will be needing the UTHX token to make transactions on their platform.

Presale for the Uther Coin

Utherverse has confirmed that the first step of their collaboration is to launch the presale of the Uther Coin. Users from around the world will be able to partake in the first phase of the presale.

The presale is to begin on December 1, 2022, but it will not be available or accessible for users based in Canada and the United States.

Utherverse has provided all the necessary details to the users on their website for participating in the presale and purchasing their tokens.

The website offers them an address they need to go to and get approved. Once approved and listed, they will be able to participate in the presale for the UTHX.

About Tokensoft

Tokensoft has been around for half a decade, founded back in 2017. Over the years, Tokensoft has built up a very strong reputation for the creation of digital assets.

The platform has also gained a lot of recognition in the management sector as it also manages digital assets and platforms for other companies.

The Texas-based platform creates digital assets that help it easier for users to comply with the regulations. The platform has helped multiple digital companies launch their products with their support.

So far, multiple projects have entered the crypto-verse with their support and their combined valuations have surged over $18 billion.

This suggests that the platform has built quite a reputation throughout the cryptocurrency industry, especially the metaverse sector in recent years.

Some of the major projects it has supported in recent years include Moonbeam, The Graph, and Avalanche.

Being one of the largest platforms in the metaverse segment, Utherverse has the advantage of having a strong following and recognition.

By launching its own token, it will be able to generate a lot of gains for early investors.