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If you have a few years of trading experience, you may be wondering how to amplify your gains when you have a winning strategy. I’ve seen first-hand how my strategies were able to predict future market trends, but wanted to amplify my gains. To do that, I decided to join one of the more popular trading platforms, CTproz Broker.

Although a couple of anonymous comments have called CTproz scam, I wanted to see the platform for myself. In this CTproz Review, I’ll go into detail about the website’s various features and see if the CTproz.com Scam allegations are true.

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Benefit From Higher Leverages

When I first signed up for the CTproz Trading platform, I decided to go for the classic account type with basic features. After a few weeks of fully understanding the platform, I decided to level up and go for a gold-tier account.

This comes with higher leverages, which means that you don’t have to make an upfront payment. Instead, you’re borrowing against the platform itself, so if the market shifts according to the position you’ve taken up; you can successfully amplify your gains.

While CTproz.com Broker itself gives you access to high leverages, it’s important to consider your appetite for risk first. Personally, I preferred to start out small and only used leverage on some of my trades that I knew were accurate.

I started with a 1:2 leverage since most of the CTproz.com reviews I read online said that it was the most reasonable way to go forward. As I started mastering more complex strategies, I was able to use higher leverages as well.

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Choose From Multiple Trading Pairs

While signing up for the platform’s services, I saw that it gave users access to a number of financial markets. As a trader, you could choose between multiple trading pairs to diversify your portfolio. These are trading pairs from a wide range of markets, that you can rely on to make steady gains.

Back when I first started trading and wanted to enter different markets, I had to manage accounts on separate platforms to do so. With CTproz.com Trading, I can simply manage my entire platform from a single place. There’s no need to go back and forth between different websites, and I won’t be funneling my entire investment into a single market.

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Tight Spreads and Automated Market Signals

Over the course of my experience as a trader, I’ve seen that numerous platforms charge high commissions on each trade. This can really demotivate a trader, especially if they try so hard to come up with a trading strategy, only to learn that they didn’t make a good profit.

That’s when I started looking for a platform that won’t eat into my earnings and actually motivate me to trade. One CT-proz.com Broker, I noticed that it only charges a tight spread on each trade.

Moreover, I can even access automated market signals that give me information on great trading opportunities in the market. These act as suggestions on whether I should exit, enter, or stop loss for a specific trade.

A major benefit of automated trading signals is that you don’t need to be actively present on the platform, scouring the market for good trades. Instead, you can simply let the algorithm do it for you.

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Bottom Line

To summarize everything I’ve mentioned so far in my CT-proz.com review: it’s a great platform if you want to make the most of your trading strategy. As you upgrade your trading account type, you can take advantage of higher leverages, which increases your gains.

You can even diversify your portfolio by choosing from a number of different trading pairs. And let’s not forget that CTproz.com Trading only charges minimal spreads on each trade, so you earn the bigger chunk of profit on each trade. In this way, it’s clear that the CT-proz.com scam claims are false.