Blockchain, a technology that was once considered a major problem for governments and regulators is now considered a blessing.

Technology has laid the foundation of an industry that is ever-growing. The industry literally has no end and the metaverse is one big example of that.

The blockchain can support a tremendous amount of data that continues growing with every node. This means that the technology’s growth has no end.

The Metaverse Technology

Metaverse technology is the most challenging segment that has been launched to test the real capacity and capabilities of blockchain technology.

There is no other technology that tests blockchain technology the same way as the metaverse due to its vastness and tendency to offer a gigantic amount of content and user experiences.

Through technology, users can virtually visit different imaginary worlds and galaxies.

Technology is vastly adopted all over the world and even world governments are now eager to adopt them.

The UAE is Entering Metaverse

Among the governments from around the world, it is the UAE Government that has taken the first major step to promote the metaverse.

In recent years, the Arabs have realized that their oil reserves are not going to last more than 100 years.

For them, the best choice is to adopt the technology that has the potential to offer the same revenue or more than what the oil reserves have been offering.

The United Arab Emirates has been at the epicenter of all the growth and expansion in the crypto-blockchain industry.

The state knows that its success can be ensured by adopting crypto-blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Therefore, the UAE has decided to adopt the technology in its own manner.

While governments from around the world are aiming to gain exposure in the crypto-blockchain industry, the UAE has gone straight into exploring the metaverse.

The Ministry of Economy Opens a New Headquarters

It may come as a huge surprise not just to the UAE citizens and the crypto-blockchain community but to the rest of the world governments that the UAE is entering the metaverse.

Just recently, the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates made an announcement about opening up its new headquarters.

However, the new headquarters will not be based physically but within the metaverse. According to the Ministry of Economy, their headquarters will be within reach of any person so no one would be bound or restricted from entering it.

The virtual headquarters would comprise a multiple-purpose building with multiple stories and offices. Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri stated that this will be their third address, which means it will be run in real-time.

The government of the UAE has announced that the new headquarters has been dubbed the Metaverse.