• Shiba Inu witnesses bulls utilizing triple trifecta to prevent the price from declining.
  • Though global markets may not have much to celebrate, SHIB seems outstanding with many technical reasons to climb higher.
  • Expect a rebound from the moving averages and witness a massive upsurge next week.

For now, Shiba Inu price action receives support from the 55- and 200-day SMA nears each other and beneath a critical historical zone of $0.00002640. With many buy orders awaiting around these three zones, bears may encounter a massive obstacle that’s challenging to crack.

However, the narrative might change with good news from central banks or Ukraine. Such developments may see SHIB on a colossal upswing to $0.00004000.

Shiba Inu Awaits Bullish Blowout

SHIB has the necessary ingredients for a massive rally as many technical elements fall in line. Meanwhile, the 55- and 200-day Simple Moving Averages underpinned Shiba Inu’s weekly price reaction over the past seven days. The MAs stay inches from each other. If that did not do the trick, a historical zone near $0.00002430 would do it as a monthly pivot.

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu lacks one element as bulls plan a massive upswing. With somewhat positive updates about Ukraine into Monday, the altcoin might see a push towards $0.0003173. Lucrative developments might be a peaceful settlement or Russian troops pulling back.

That way, Shiba Inu can surge towards $0.00003535 before targeting $0.0000400 on Monday when all top futures open with gains and a colossal risk wave takes the global market higher.

Meanwhile, weekend news might come from a different angle, with a hawkish tone into the Monday open. Updates on more shelling and mortars might see SHIB changing hands around $0.00002640.

Meanwhile, a complete invasion with the Russian military on Ukraine land and NATO retaliation with violence and troops will have Shiba Inu plunging towards $0.00001708 early on the coming week.

For now, Shiba Inu has all elements for an upside rally, eyeing a 30% climb. However, geopolitical tensions between Ukraine and Russia remain crucial for SHIB’s price performance. Positive developments will see the meme coin targeting new highs.

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