On 3 March, Looking Glass Labs revealed its flagship studio, House of Kibaa, partnered with Polygon Studio. The company plans to use this relationship to expand its Metaverse and NFT portfolio.

Looking Glass Labs is a Vancouver-based Web3 tech firm. It specializes in immersive XR metaverse, digital asset royalty streams, P2E tokenization, and NFT architecture. The platform’s portfolio includes Project Origin, P2E Game, 2Virtual Asset, $HOK Utility, and House of Kibaa.

Also, the company plans to construct a metaverse, thorough House of Kibaa, its leading brand. The metaverse might see increased market share from different players within the non-fungible token world.

House of Kibaa builds and curates high-end 3D-rigged products that ensure the simultaneous existence of collectibles and functional art in various metaverse/NFT spaces.

Looking Glass develops a market for artists to build and sell their 3D assets, emphasizing social interaction to allow users to communicate seamlessly within the same space. Also, the company creates a digital museum plus 20 real-world inspired landscapes.

The Upcoming Digital Land Sale

The company plans a digital land sale in 2022 Q2. The sale will act as the House of Kibaa’s portal for the Project Origin frontier. Also, HOK plans to introduce structures like shops and galleries for users to monetize their collections or display properties.

IN 2021 May, the House of Kibaa introduced Genesis Membership, giving users lifetime access to airdrops. Future releases and secrete discord access.

Metaverse, NFTs, and Polygon

Metaverse sees increased popularity NFTs continue to grow. The 3D environment concept had been in the gaming space for a long but now joins different markets like sports, entertainment, social media, architecture, and fashion.

Polygon is among the platforms helping to enhance blockchain and NFT technologies by supporting developers in creating scalable dApps with high security and low transaction charges.

Meanwhile, HoK patterned with Polygon Studio and its NFT and gaming branch. House of Kibba plans to expand its client base and access many Polygon users in different sectors.

The strategic partnership will help Looking Glass scale up while increasing HoK’s value for its network and different NFT communities.