Alejandra Guajardo, the representative of El Salvador, stormed the Miss Universe 2022 Pageant prelude with her epic dress. She adorned herself with a currency dress designed with cocoa beans, Bitcoin, and other currencies ever used in El Salvador since its creation.

Alejandra Guajardo Stunned Audience With Currency Dress

In her walk across the stage during the Miss Universe 2022 Pageant competition prelude, Alejandra Guajardo stole the show with her currency-themed dress. Guajardo, a model, and actress, represented her country, El Salvador, during the international beauty competition.

The model posted a short clip of her dress on her social media handle while tagging the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele. In the video, she was walking the cladding cloth fastened with a large colon representing the currency El Salvador used until 2001.

The colon was adorned at the edges with cocoa beans. In addition, she held a staff design with a large physical BTC logo in her right hand as she walked gracefully across the stage.

The announcer at the event stated that the unique clothing represented the currency history of El Salvador. It is worth noting that the country used the colon and cocoa as its national currency for a very long time before it adopted the United States dollar.

Then, the adoption of BTC as a currency came along in 2021 when El Salvador adopted it as one of its legal tender currencies.

El Salvador Government Encourages BTC Adoption

According to a report, Francisco Guerrero, a plastic artist, was the brain behind the epic design. He added the BTC logo at the front of the dress to depict the future of currency in the country.

However, the report did not suggest whether Bukele or the country’s government was behind the exhibition of the digital currency to the audience. Although, Bukele used his Twitter page to showcase the numerous transactions completed after the government adopted Bitcoin as its legal tender in September 2021.

Meanwhile, before Guajardo’s elegant walk across the stage in New Orleans, El Salvador’s professional crypto policymakers were working on a bill proposal to regulate Bitcoin-based bonds. In addition, the legislature experts also proposed that BTC-backed bonds can be used as collateral for sovereign debts.

They added that the revenue from the bonds’ sale could be used to fund the development of their proposed Bitcoin City.