Data suggests that year-to-date at least 6100 crypto-powered automated teller machines have been installed throughout the world, however, the most number of crypto ATMs landed in and are serving the US users. Data further reveals that year’s crypto-powered ATM installation is three times less than the past year. However, the US once again succeeds in installing the most number of such ATMs in 2022. As per data, Bitaccess turned out to be the year’s biggest producer of crypto ATMs.

2022’s Crypto ATM Installation Fell Three Times Short of 2021

Crypto Presales’s data pertaining to the number of crypto-powered ATMs installed worldwide show 2022 is another blasting year.

According to the data, over 6,100 units of crypto-powered ATMs have been installed globally. These ATMs are capable of transacting the most digital includes and if not then at least the 10 leading digital currencies.

The user can hence buy, sell, and in some machines convert cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

However, the year 2022 hasn’t ended yet, which means that the data accounts for the installations carried out since 1st January 2022 to date.

Crypto-Powered ATMs Globally

As compared to past years’ crypto-powered ATM installation, the number of machines installed in 2022 so far is three times less. This is so because the entire crypto industry was gradually falling which affected ATM installation too.

In 2021 alone there were more than 20,300 such machines which were installed worldwide.

Overall, across the globe, the total number of crypto-enabled ATMs available to users exceeds 38,800.

From August 2022 till the end of September, the data notes that about 100 new machines were installed.

US Maintains the Lead

Astonishing findings were unearthed in the data compiled by Crypto Presales pertaining to the US.

The data showed that as always even in the current year majority of crypto ATMs were landed in the US.

According to the data, the US is now the land of crypto ATMs where the number of machines makes up 90% of the total ATMs installed worldwide.

At number two in the world is Canada where the number of installed crypto machines is under three thousand i.e. 2,688.

While the rest of the countries, which paved their way into the top-ten countries, comprise under 300 of such ATMs.

This means that excluding the US, the top-10 crypto ATMs leading countries, have less than 5,000 ATMs collectively.

Bitaccess – Crypto ATMs Leader

The data further showed that Bitaccess is 2022’s leader in terms of producing the highest number of crypto ATMs this year. It was noted that the manufacturer had single-handedly produced more than 12,000 machines this year.

Bitaccess’s competitor, General Bytes secured the second position by producing 9,000 of such machines.