• com pours donations to offer Ukrainians relief amid the Russian invasion.
  • Enthusiasts trust Crypto.com launching NFTs soon will trigger upswings for CRO.
  • Cronos declined by 2% within the previous week as the coin keeps a balancing act.

Crypto.com executive Kris Marszalek said Crypto.com contributed to support Ukraine amid crisis. Proponents believe upgrades and NFTs launch on Cronos Chain will lead to positive price reactions.

Analysts Trust Cronos Price Might See a Rally

Crypto companies and exchanges extend their support as Ukraine responds to the Russian invasion. Crypto.com exchange made a substantial donation to back relief determinations in Ukraine. The platform’s CEO, Kris Marszalek, announced the contributions via Twitter. Enthusiasts believe that the move served as a catalyst for positive sentiment by investors.

The latest NFTs launch on Crypto.com triggered increased demand by traders. Remember, NFTs saw increased popularity last year. Non-fungible tokens attracted more users to Crypto.com. Furthermore, the exchange saw a surge in demand and activity from users. Also, collectibles and digital art unveiled positive catalysts.

For now, users can access Cronos NFTs via Crypto.com’s wallet. That way, investors can store digital collectibles in one app. Meanwhile, The Mad TreeHouse is the next non-fungible token project to enter the Cronos network.

Experts analyzed Cronos price movements and observed the alt might see continued volatility in the near term. YouTube crypto analyst Practical Investing, trust Cronos price will discover support near $0.39. That comes after the altcoin lost 2% within the previous week.

FXStreet evaluations reveal a potential bearish regime whenever Cronos price tags $0.50. Analysts argue Crypto.com’s governance token might extend higher bounces.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government continues to ask for massive sanctions on Russia. Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov asked cryptocurrency exchanges to suspend Belarus and Russia addresses.

The geopolitical tensions triggered downtrends in the crypto space overnight. Bitcoin lost about 1.43% over the past day, changing hands to around $38,400 at this publication. Altcoins also plummeted as the cryptocurrency market capitalization lost over $200 billion. While publishing this post, the market cap hovers around $1.8 trillion, following a 1.1% drop within the past 24 hours.

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