As Bitcoin’s price rose over the past two weeks, BTC dominance declined to near the 6 June lows at 41% after the 39.97% on 16 May this year. Cryptocurrency market aggregator shows that BTC’s dominance maintained between 39.99% and 41.52%. As BTC sees a significant dominance plunge, altcoins like Tether, Binance Coin, Cardano, and Ethereum have seen market cap upticks.

You probably know that Bitcoin has had a market dominance of over 80% until February 2017. Meanwhile, in 2014, the leading coin had its market dominance dropping to 77.9% and in 2016 March to 76.42%. The asset saw its market control declining beneath 80% few instances before the Feb 2017 plunges.

Since 19 February 2017, Bitcoin recorded its dominance sliding from 85.4% towards 37.84% as of June 2017. Since then, BTC has never seen the 80% dominance mark. Though, in September 2019, BTC dominance rose beyond 70% for some days before dropping again.

However, BTC had its market dominance touching the 70% mark again on 1 March this year. Meanwhile, the booming alt market had the leading coin losing its crypto dominance once more. For instance, ETH played a role in dragging BTC’s dominance down. CoinGecko’s stats show that Ethereum’s market dominance stands at 19.4%. shows ETH’s cap at 19.99%, while has the alt’s dominance at 20.1%. Today, 5 September, ETH’s market valuation hovers at $460 billion. The three price aggregators indicate BTC’s dominance at the 39.99% – 41.52% range over the past 24 hours.

While writing this content, BTC’s market valuation stands near $940 billion. However, most of the top ten currencies by market cap have registered massive gains, boosting their dominance. For example, the entire top-ten coins controlled 80% of the $2.36 trillion crypto market capitalization.

Top assets by market cap include ADA (+4%), BNB (3.71%), USDT (2.98%), XRP (2.21%), and SOL (1.79%). Meanwhile, the remaining coins contribute to the total crypto-economy standing at $2.36% trillion. Digital assets such as IOST, KSM, MIOTA, and FTM had double gains over the past seven days.

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