There are only a few publicly-traded companies that invest in digital assets which generate revenue. is one of them. has acquired 115+ pieces of virtual land in the metaverse world Decentraland. It is reported as the largest virtual land acquisition in the metaverse till now.

The size of each piece is 52.5 sq/ft of metaverse land. Which makes it a total of 6090 sq/ft land acquisition. paid around 618,000 MANA which is estimated over 2.8 Million Dollars at the current price to get the virtual estate. They bought the most valuable land in Decentraland’s Fashion Street. It is considered to be the fashion hub of the e-commerce world.

The head of content at Decentraland Mr. Sam Hamilton said; “Fashion is the next massive area for growth in the metaverse.” is the subsidiary of Metaverse Group. has acquired the best land in decentraland’s fashion street and they are aiming to tie up with more fashion companies and brands which are interested in promoting their brand online in the metaverse world.

The reason investors are investing heavily in the metaverse is that they believe in the digital future of this space. Luxury fashion brands can get a lot of benefits through promoting their physical products and services completely in virtual items.

There was a virtual fashion event held by the luxury brand Gucci in collaboration with Roblox. (Roblox is a platform that allows users to create 3D games and 3D environments.) The event was named “Gucci Garden Experience.” Around 350,000 Robux ($ 4000) digital bags were sold at the event.

Nikeland, a 3D virtual environment was created for the fans to create, connect, compete and share their experiences. After giant sportswear brand, Nike took their part in the digital universe. People have started believing more in metaverse space. In Nikeland, there will be a virtual showroom for the users to try out avatars and Nike special virtual products.

On the other side, MANA which is the native coin for Decentraland witnessed a major pump in the value right after the deal. It went up by 24% in just 24 hrs, now trading at $ 5.22 per token. According to the data from CoinGecko, MANA had a rise of over 60% in a week.