Binance is one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. The exchange is offering $120,000 worth of rewards to users who buy or sell over 5,000 or more LINA. The promo is to start on December 29 and end on January 4. To qualify for this promo, you must have a registered and funded account with Binance through the accredited website.

Two promotions With combined $120K Prize Pool

The Binance promotion is of two types, A and B. Users involving 5,000 or more in LINA are qualified for the type A promo. The users are given a quiz to get at least a question corrected and stream the LINA introduction clip; this will qualify the user to win LINA vouchers. The amount awarded to the winner will be $65,000 in LINA token voucher.

The winner will be known after multiplying the question answered correctly with the share of the accumulated LINA spot. The answer will also be multiplied by margin trading volume to arrive at the final draw. The winner will be contacted on how to receive the prize attached to the promo.

On the other hand, the B promo is done by selecting the top 30 users with the highest trading volume. The winners will be given a total of $55,000 in LINA token vouchers. This will be calculated as a part of the top 30 users accumulated in the trading volume. The trading volume will be obtained from the 30 users’ trading activities.

What is LINA?

LINA is part of an initiative blockchain company. The native token started as a way to solve the agricultural problem with the use of technology. The network was formed to apply easy steps to connect people with practical solutions. The inadequacy in agriculture was the main aim of the founding company.

The company is focused on expanding its cases into other factors. Some of the matters they plan to evolve include product traceability, supply chain, health care, and e-government. This makes entry into the market easy for mainstream users and creates an atmosphere to trade with confidence.

Terms and Conditions

The reward is only available to the user with a recognized account with Binance and has answered the required KYC questions before the end of the promo on January 4. The LINA/USDT and LINA/BTC are the qualified LINA spot and margin trading pairs available to users on the promo. The pairs are open to both users on promotions A and B.

During the closing time at 11:59:59 PM (UTC), the closing price of Binance is set to have a LINA/USDT trading pair. The exchange rate remains the same as the initial distribution when entering the market.

Winners on promotion B will not be allowed to participate in promo A vice versa. The prizes will be available to the winners within two weeks of the activity closure. The token voucher is to last for 14 days from the day the vouchers were rewarded.