• THETA Coin currently trades at $4.43.
  • The alternative coin has dropped 3.53% within the past 24 hours.
  • Here’s where you can buy THETA.

Theta Network sees increased popularity as cryptocurrency exchanges post about the crypto coin. That comes even with the latest price pullbacks by THETA, bottoming before showing massive breakout signs.

Some of the leading exchanges posting about Theta Network blockchain and its native crypto THETA include US-based Gemini and Coinbase. You might need to explore investment opportunities with this crypto platform. For that reason, this article highlights THETA and where you can purchase the coin seamlessly. Let us dip deeper.

Where to Purchase THETA Coin?

  • FP Markets

FP Markets is a platform boasting multiple assets. Moreover, its institutional-rank liquidity and top-notch execution speed ensure unmatched trading conditions and tighter spreads. The trading platform offers cryptocurrency, Futures, Equities, Forex, CDFs, and Commodities. You can use FP Markets to buy THETA coins.

  • Binance

Binance has witnessed remarkable growth since its 2017 launch. It is among the leading crypto exchanges you will meet in the financial markets. The platform attracts many users due to its friendly investment atmosphere.

About Theta Network

THETA is Theta Network’s native token. Meanwhile, Theta Network is a network for streaming video content. Users share computer resources and bandwidth for peer-to-peer streaming. Meanwhile, fans can trade their THETA coins on different crypto exchanges.

Holders can also utilize the token for governance within the ecosystem. Meanwhile, the platform uses Google, Blockchain ventures, Binance, Gumi, Samsung Enterprise, and Sony Europe as validators.

Should You Buy THETA Today?

Are you interested in a token that noted a dip and shows bullish revival signs? You might consider THETA coin. The alternative asset has seen continued declines since April 2021. With that, it may be challenging to tell whether the coin hit its bottom. Moreover, beware of the extreme volatility of the crypto market.

THETA Price Forecast

For now, THETA enthusiasts eye the resistance at $5.30. Analysts believe the token will hit the level before January end if it maintains its bullish outlook. Let’s check what the coming sessions boast. Stay around.