Kevin O’Leary, popularly known as ‘Mr. Wonderful’, was bashed by the public on social media platforms when he suggested that he would continue to support FTX’s CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried.

People were quick in responding to his statement and suggested that Bankman-Fried is a robber who stole billions of dollars worth of funds belonging to FTX’s customers.

Corruption Allegations against FTX’s CEO Fell on Deaf Ears

Kevin O’Leary, the host of the American TV Program called “Shark Tank”, surprised millions of fans around the world on 15th November 2022.

Globally popular star-cum-investor and admirer of cryptocurrencies made a comment about collapsed FTX’s CEO which the social media suggested to be ‘ill-advised’.

During the podcast session of Crypto Banter, O’Leary commented that he would continue to lend his support to Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX.

It is a fact known to many that O’Leary is one of the biggest stakeholders in FTX and that the Shark Tank host has executed a multi-year agreement with the firm.

Under the agreement, FTX recognizes O’Leary as its ambassador and promoter.

O’Leary was questioned if Bankman-Fried would ever come to him asking for financial support for a new crypto project, and if would he let him go empty-handed. In response, he said that ‘No. He wouldn’t let him go empty-handed.”

Bankman-Fried an Exceptional Man?

O’Leary explained that he never doubted the brilliance of Bankman-Fried in the digital asset industry.

He appreciated FTX’s CEO for providing the crypto community with a platform that was better and more efficient than any since its inception till its end.

Without pausing, O’Leary continued on how in the future he can invest in a project initiated by Bankman-Fried.

He emphasized that if he were to work with FTX’s CEO again then O’Leary will manage the assets while Bankman-Fried can look at trading affairs.

O’Leary claimed that Bankman-Fried would always be in the industry even if somebody wishes to see the crypto industry minus Bankman-Fried.

Century’s Biggest Fraudster

Reading O’Leary’s viewpoint about Bankman-Fried, the community responded on social media networks in a negative wherein most were in disbelief.

Most of the criticism aimed towards O’Leary came from Twitter account holders.

One of the Twitter users posted a tweet saying that Bankman-Fried could be the biggest fraudster of the century.

The user added further that Bankman-Friend single-handedly robbed millions of people and looted billions of dollars from them.

Allegations of Stealing Customers Funds

Reflexivity Research’s founding member, Will Clemente commented that he never thought O’Leary would pass such ill-advised remarks. Clemente added further that had O’Leary forgotten who was at the helm of affairs in FTX.

An attorney for crypto disputes namely John Deaton mocked O’Leary when the attorney remarked ‘who thinks FTX’s CEO had failed?’

The attorney alleged that FTX’s CEO not only lied and cheated his customers but worse he stashed their funds into his.