This ongoing case between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission has proved one thing that XRP has done a pretty decent job covering its defense and presenting the court with its objective and narrative. On the other hand, SEC has been doing nothing except to buy more time and make this whole thing about themselves.

Recently there was a report which looked at the international growth of Ripple, and the numbers were not only staggering but consistent, which means that Ripple is doing fine outside of the US and in the home country SEC is bringing its flight down to the earth. Courts are working at a slow pace to give out their final verdict for this lawsuit; otherwise, Ripple would have been all well by now and active within the US and operating without any fear.

Ripple Flourishes Outside Of The US

When the lawsuit started, initially, Ripple had to face various problems internationally as exchanges continued to back out on them, and regulatory offices were not giving the cryptocurrency the green light to continue its operation on their soil. Presently Ripple is doing considerable business not only in Japan but also in the Philippines. It seems that Ripple is doing all right not only in Asia but also in Africa and Latin American countries. The current case would definitely come to an end one way or the other.

Rippled has prepared its case amazingly, and so far, what the SEC has done other than ridiculing the XRP and doing their best to dodge any question from the court that revolves around unveiling the official status of the cryptocurrencies in the eyes of the SEC. Despite SEC is making lame excuses presently and is trying its best to make this whole thing just go away, but in the long run, it would eventually have to provide the courts with all the information regarding the legal status of all the cryptocurrencies. Only that day, the justice will be delivered speedily because the whole case would have opened like a blossomed flower in front of the courts, the SEC, and Ripple as well.