The report from Cointelegraph Markets Pro (CMP) has brought three cryptocurrencies that have recently earned a breakthrough within the crypto-verse. The first cryptocurrency being analyzed by the on-chain platform is Ramp, followed by Aragon, and ECOMI.

When it comes to Ramp (RAMP), it is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that is known for providing multi-chain services. It is mainly focused on helping the users within the DeFi to space to manage their capitals efficiently.

The data surrounding RAMP suggests that it was on December 14, 2021, when its price had hit a low price of $0.179. However, the situation of Ramp changed completely on December 15, 2021. This is because on December 15, 2021, Ramp observed a 52.56% rally. As a result, the highest price Ramp hit on December 15 was $0.274. When it comes to Ramp’s 24-hour trading volume, it has also experienced a great surge.

The data shows that Ramp’s trading volume on December 15, reached $54.2 million as a 24-hour trading volume with an 800% surge. The reports reveal that the reason behind RAMP’s sudden price surge is the liquidity mining incentive program that was recently launched through the Ramp protocol.

Aragon (ANT) is a protocol that has been launched through the Ethereum network. The platform is known for managing DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). The platform has been responsible for coming up with governance structures. This way, the platform has been helping in building strong trust among the communities with the protocols.

It was on December 12, 2021, when Cointelegraph Markets Pro’s VORTECS data started showing a positive trend for ANT. It was even before the price for ANT started experiencing a change due to the rally. The data from VORTECS suggests that it was on December 12, when the forecast for ANT went up to 70 VORTECS’ score. This occurrence was noticed a couple of hours prior to the price of ANT started growing significantly. Eventually, the price of ANT observed a 60% rally.

The reason behind the surge is the recent hackathon that has been organized by the Aragon developers. They have done this with aim of attracting more crowds and users to the Aragon ecosystem. As of now, things seem to be working in favor of ANT.

Then there is ECOMI (OMI), which is focused on the creation and distribution of nonfungible tokens in the ecosystem. The platform aims to bring more digitalization and entertainment to blockchain technology.

It was on December 1, 2021, when the VORTECS graph on CMP started observing a rally for OMI. Like other instances, the VORTECS graph observed a change hours before the rally materialized. The data shows that on December 1, the price for OMI on VORTECS reached a high and green figure of 81. Surprisingly, it was after 96 hours that the price of OMI started experiencing a rise and in the next 10 days, its price had been rallied by 39%. The rise for OMI came right after ECOMI announced its migration to Immutable.