The devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria earlier this month left millions of people in the region homeless and desperate for humanitarian aid. The magnitude 7.8 earthquake – the most powerful in the region in more than a decade – destroyed thousands of homes, schools, and businesses, leaving many without necessities such as food, water, and medical supplies.

In response to this tragedy, Polkadot – a decentralized blockchain platform – has joined forces with the global humanitarian community to assist those affected by the earthquake.

Polkadot’s Philanthropic Drive

Polkadot, a decentralized blockchain platform, has requested its community to give financial donations to help those affected by the recent earthquake in southeast Turkey and parts of Syria. The victims of this tragedy are the focus of Polkadot’s dedication, inspired by the spirit of humanity and compassion exhibited by the people of Turkey and Syria.

Providing financial assistance is intended to aid in the rebuilding of the lives and homes of those affected by the earthquake. Polkadot is working with local aid organizations in Syria and Turkey to ensure efficient and responsible distribution of donations, demonstrating its commitment to the cause.

By working with these organizations, Polkadot hopes to provide better support for the earthquake victims and help them rebuild their lives.

The Blockchain’s DAO Project

The Turkiye Relief is a non-profit Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) launched to promote policy reform within the protocol’s community. Also, it enables cryptocurrency donations to other non-profit groups providing aid to those affected by the catastrophe.

This DAO has over 2000 wallet addresses listed on its website and has amassed around $4.7 million in donations from individuals and companies lending a helping hand. In the tragic aftermath of the disaster, in which more than 20,000 people tragically lost their lives, organizations and countries worldwide have seen a global outpouring of support.

The crypto industry has been vigorously providing aid and assistance in the wake of the calamity. Numerous crypto companies have been donating or creating platforms for contributions to assist the relief personnel on-site.

Binance, Bitfinex,, and other crypto firms have vowed to contribute resources to aid the effort and have already begun preparing aid packages. In particular, Singapore-based crypto exchange BitGet has already donated an estimated $53,000 to the cause.

The community is encouraged to unite and support the victims of this tragedy with Polkadot’s participation in the effort. Donations are accepted on the Polkadot donation page, and the unique charity wallet accepts contributions in cryptocurrency.

All proceeds are for the purchase and distribution of emergency aid to those affected by this tragedy.