MicroStrategy, a major intelligence company continues to gain more ground in the world of cryptocurrencies. While many other mainstream companies are eager to gain exposure in multiple cryptocurrencies, MicroStrategy is focused on Bitcoin (BTC).

MicroStrategy’s Trust in Bitcoin

The business intelligence company started to invest in Bitcoin back in August 2020. It happened after Michael J. Saylor, the founder of the company was able to convince the board of directors that investing in Bitcoin could prove highly profitable for the business.

Saylor was among the people who were opponents who turned pro towards cryptocurrencies and he was all in for Bitcoin. From that point until now, MicroStrategy has continued following the same mission as Saylor and keeps accumulating Bitcoin.

Despite the market downfalls, MicroStrategy is the only company that has not faltered in its belief in Bitcoin being the future of finance.

They have continued investing in Bitcoin despite the market trends and even now, they have the same opinion about Bitcoin as they had when it was hitting all-time highs.

MicroStrategy Continues Expanding in Bitcoin

The first step MicroStrategy took was to accumulate Bitcoin and with over 100,000 BTC in possession, it became a holdings company for Bitcoin. Now, the company is planning to get more into the Bitcoin industry.

According to sources, MicroStrategy is now aiming to gain more exposure in Bitcoin as it is currently in the process of hiring a software engineer.

The sources claim that the company wants to work on the development of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that would be based on the Lightning Network.

Latest Job Listing by MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy has recently posted a job listing where it mentioned it is looking for a software engineer.

The job description details mentioned by MicroStrategy include that they need an engineer with knowledge and information about the Lightning Network software.

The role of the engineer would be to work on the lightning network and provide e-commerce and security products based on the particular technology.

The Lightning Network has been launched as the layer-2 scaling system that has been designed, developed, and launched for Bitcoin. The sole purpose of introducing the Lightning Network was to increase the speed at which Bitcoin payments are received and sent.

MicroStrategy’s Position

As of now, MicroStrategy’s overall Bitcoin holding is 130,000 Bitcoin, making it the largest company in the world in terms of Bitcoin holdings.

For now, MicroStrategy is looking for a single software engineer who wants to work on the Lightning Network’s infrastructures.

Going forward, MicroStrategy may introduce newer products in favor of Bitcoin that may help increase its demand in the market.

Once again, the business intelligence company may be able to help bring up the value of Bitcoin in near future.