Bitcoin, without any doubt, is the most volatile cryptocurrency out there, but at some point in the future, the cryptocurrency is going to get really stable, and there would even be a bullish run to accompany its run, but at some point, it is going to lose focus and plummet eventually. This is the ultimate cycle of any cryptocurrency there is. But whenever this happens, MicroStrategy is right there waiting for the prices to dip so that it can buy Bitcoin on a profit. Of course, this time is no different at all Bitcoin was trying its very best to pursue the $50K limit and failed to do so. It is now settling for $45K, which is not a very pleasant price point for Bitcoin at the moment; this price is being reeled in by MicroStrategy as the business intelligence firm buys $242.9 million worth of Bitcoin.

This is only the third quarter of investment, and MicroStrategy has already acquired $419 million worth of Bitcoin, which says a lot about the robustness and consistency of the business intelligence firm. According to a report, MicroStrategy, at the time of writing, has about $3.16 billion worth of Bitcoin in its hold, and it remains the only investing party in the whole world whose sole focus has been to buy more and more of bitcoin.

MicroStrategy now Holds 114,041 Bitcoins

It is also a notable element that MicroStrategy has never chipped in even a single Bitcoin to get some profit for the investment it has made; this might seem a little uncalled for, but it’s not, it’s really smart, and other investing bodies should follow in the footsteps of MicroStrategy here.

It doesn’t say a lot about the future of MicroStrategy in the crypto community, but one thing is for sure that every dip that Bitcoin experiences belong to MicroStrategy, in the biggest capacity, of course. Many reports at the moment suggest that Bitcoin is going to cross the $50K, and the overall investment of MicroStrategy will already be thrice to in volume. If this isn’t the most sophisticated investing strategy within the crypto space when it comes to Bitcoin investing, then who knows what is.