Over the years, cryptocurrency adoption has continued spreading all over the world. However, each part of the world seems to be adopting them as per their capacity.

When it comes to Spain, the country has been making many developments in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Several major developments have taken place in Spain in regard to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Now, the country will get to give its fair share of interest in the development and large-scale adoption of Web3 technologies.

Telefonica Enters the Web3 Technologies

Telefonica, a major telecommunication company operating on a multinational level has made a major announcement. The company has announced that it is entering crypto-blockchain technology.

The company has announced that it is aiming to explore Web3 technologies. The company aims to provide products and services related to Web3 technologies to the locals in Spain.

Telefonica has Enabled Crypto-Payments

The Madrid, Spain-based company has announced that it has enabled its users to process payments in cryptocurrencies. Now the users will be able to process transactions and make payments using cryptocurrencies.

As per Telefonica officials, the users will have access to multiple cryptocurrency assets to process payments. Some of the major cryptocurrencies include USD Coin (USDC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC).

The announcement suggests that more cryptocurrencies will be at the customer’s disposal as they continue using their services. The telecommunication services provider is eager to offer different and newer kinds of experiences to the users that support Web3 technologies and crypto.

A New Marketplace for the Users

Telefonica has not restricted its users to using crypto only for payments or transactional purposes. Instead, the telecom company is determined to offer them much more than that.

The company is also launching its marketplace that will be offering technology-related products that Telefonica has and is to develop in the future. The name of the particular marketplace is “Tu”.

Bit2Me is Helping Telefonica

According to Telefonica officials, they wouldn’t have been able to offer such services to the users if it weren’t for Bit2Me.

In order to explore, navigate, and learn about the crypto-blockchain and Web3 technologies, they needed someone to be their guide. They are fortunate that they had the support of Bit2Me, a major Spanish cryptocurrency exchange.

Together, they have worked on a number of products and services they are eager to introduce to users in the future. The payments services platform they have introduced for cryptocurrencies has been developed with the support of Bit2Me.

Spain is set to drive more cryptocurrency adoption with the help of Telefonica and make cryptocurrency payments a common thing for the locals.