Though prevented for a long time, Meta brings cryptocurrency ads back to Instagram and Facebook. However, why this sudden change?

Meta plans to change its anti-ads stance. That means you will encounter several of them on Instagram and Facebook soon. The firm has reviewed some of the previous regulations while updating its policy. Meanwhile, the new changes make it easy for crypto companies to use their social media platform for advertisements.

Meta’s Updated Policy on Cryptocurrency Ads

The company behind top brands such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook has updated its policy with news that the cryptocurrency industry would welcome with both hands. Meta now expanded eligibility measures for cryptocurrency-related firms to publish crypto ads on Facebook and Instagram. The sudden change implies that Meta will consider 27 licenses, higher than the previous 3.

Meta posted a blog post highlighting the move comes as the crypto space sees continued maturity and acceptance over the past few years, and government aim to regulate the landscape.

All a crypto company needs to publish its ads on Instagram, and Facebook is acquiring one of the updated regulatory licenses. Nevertheless, the new policy will not impact previously permitted cryptocurrency firms. The latest move means that Facebook will quit its ambiguous and strict criteria. The platform had depended on various facets for eligibility confirmation.

Previously, the business had to undergo multiple checks to work with the company. For instance, they were to submit a proposal, including many details such as relevant background info, licenses obtained (though Meta accepted three only), and whether the firm is publicly-traded.

For now, the crypto industry might enjoy as cryptocurrency firms can advertise on leading social media sites without hurdles. Nevertheless, Meta remains reluctant to approve certain services and products without written permission. They include software and hardware for crypto wallets and crypto mining that allow individuals to swap, buy, stake, or hold cryptocurrency tokens. Cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges, products, or software apps that support crypto borrowing and lending will also need pre-approval.

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