Melania Trump, wife of the former United States President Donald Trump Jnr., has surprisingly joined the NFT craze by launching her NFT on Solana. As per a statement issued on Thursday, Melania disclosed that launching her NFT reflects her likeness for digital artworks and what she stands for as a person. 

Her NFT, named “Melania’s Vision,” is a digital watercolor art showcasing the former first lady and an audio recording playing the message of hope. The art was created by Marc-Antoine Coulon and will be sold for 1 SOL. 

The artwork won’t be the last for Melania. The former first lady plans to release NFTs subsequently. She also proposes auctioning some unique digital and physical artworks of historical value in January next year.

NFT Will Also Reflect Her Love For Children

Reflecting her passion for the arts is not the only reason for her NFT launch. During the launch, Melania disclosed that her NFT will support her children’s initiative “Be Best.” 

She added that through the NFT launch, her initiative would educate children on programming, software development, and inculcate computer skills in them. She intends to help the children thrive and sustain themselves economically when they age out of their foster homes.

Solana will support credit card and SOL payments for the NFT. Melania is the only U.S. first lady yet and probably the politician to venture into the world of NFTs publicly. 

Melania isn’t the only one in the news for launching on SOL. N.B.A. legend and businessman Michael Jordan alongside his son Jeffrey recently launched HEIR, a protocol to support athletes financially. The platform will launch next year. The specific date is yet to be revealed. 

HEIR aims to assemble professional athletes and ardent fans from across the world. Participants on the platform will use its native token $HEIR as the currency, which would be sold on the blockchain. According to the Jordans, HEIR will feature NFTs and other exciting rewards for fans.

Solana Records Massive Inflows After a Disturbing Week

After a turbulent week that saw several cryptocurrencies turn red, Solana experienced a massive inflow of transactions reaching $5B in a day. According to popular on-chain crypto website CoinMarketCap, the fifth-largest digital asset, it shot up to $56.76B under twenty-four hours. 

Solana added precisely $5.59B during the timeframe. SOL is currently trading at approximately $184, a 10% rise in the last twenty-four hours and down 2.5% over the previous week. Market predictions show that SOL will trade even higher by the end of the year, but the price will decline.

Solana has been having a few performance problems lately. The blockchain developed some issues after the NFT game SolChicks, launched its I.D.O. on the platform. Before that, transactions were slow due to a service attack. Users became skeptical of the blockchain’s security level and performance.