MicroStrategy is the lead Bitcoin investment company that has in the past three years purchased 114,042 Bitcoins and recently the company has bought another huge chunk of Bitcoins spreading over 7,002 Bitcoins for an aggregate value of US$ 414.4 Million. Now the Bitcoin treasury of MicroStrategy is comprised of a total of 121,044 Bitcoins.

One of the leading Bitcoin investors globally is the company namely MicroStrategy which is headed by its CEO, Michael Saylor. Saylor believes personally that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency in the world that enjoys the privilege of being a “property”. None of the other cryptocurrencies can ever earn this title which is exclusively available to Bitcoin. He also said that when a person buys a Bitcoin then the person is also acquiring property rights along with the acquisition of Bitcoin. He said that these property rights are available to every owner of Bitcoin no matter where he or she is living.

His Bitcoin appreciating comments were in fact posted soon after Saylor revealed that his company bought another huge chunk of Bitcoins. Already, MicroStrategy was holding the ownership of exactly 114,042 Bitcoins a few days ago. However, it has been revealed gladly by Saylor that his company has bought additional Bitcoins. He informed that against the cash price of US$ 414.4 Million, MicroStrategy has acquired a total of 7,002 additional Bitcoins. He felt proud in informing the general public that his company’s total stash of Bitcoins is now consisting of 121,044 Bitcoins.

Saylor said that he wanted to buy the dip but while MicroStrategy’s Board was in the process of authorizing investment, Bitcoin’s value rebounded. In any case, he does not regret the decision because he believes that Bitcoin is worth a thousand times more than Bitcoin’s existing value. He however told that when MicroStrategy started to invest in Bitcoins, the value of Bitcoin was immensely low. For example, he said that since the time of its purchase till recently, MicroStrategy’s latest paid US$ 3.57 Billion against 121,044 Bitcoins. This means that for the purchase of one Bitcoin, MicroStrategy had paid an average amount of US$ 29,534 only.

The important thing to note is that so far MicroStrategy has invested US$ 3.57 Billion in Bitcoins. However, the value of MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin stash is approximately US$ 7 Billion now. If MicroStrategy decides to sell Bitcoins now then the company would earn a profit of more than US$ 3.3 Billion. This is almost double the size of an actual investment.

Apart from MicroStrategy, Saylor too, at the individual level, is a Bitcoin investor. His viewpoint regarding Bitcoin’s future is very optimistic. He believes that Bitcoin is part of a particular “asset” class whose worth would be in hundreds of trillion dollars. At many times, Saylor has suggested that not even gold can compete with Bitcoin because Bitcoin is ahead of gold.