The people behind the development of “The Merge” have made a promising announcement in favor of the upcoming implementation.

The developers have confirmed that they are well prepared for the implementation of The Merge in the upcoming days. The teams reported that they have successfully completed the requirements for all the prerequisites.

This means that the implementation would go as planned and there will be no issues at all.

Shadow Forks are in Place

The development teams had announced that for the Merge to be implemented without any issues, it was necessary that the shadow forks were implemented without any difficulties.

Now that the shadow forks have been implemented without fail and have no issues at all, the developers are glad to announce that the implementation will be made without any issues.

Purpose of Shadow Forks

The reason behind the implementation of the shadow forks is to test the resilience of the final implementation. They are used for putting stress over the protocols responsible for supporting the final implementation.

In order to test the synchronization of the entire setup, the developers started deploying the shadow forks in April. The first shadow fork had been deployed by the developers on April 11, 2022.

Final Shadow Fork Deployed in September

Finally, almost six months from the first deployment, the Ethereum developers have deployed the final shadow fork.

The engineering and research teams at Ethereum, Nethermind have confirmed that they made the final implementation on the last shadow fork “Mainnet-Shadowfork-13”.

According to the teams, the final implementation was successful and without any trouble. The successful testing confirms that the protocol is ready for implementation and no issues would be faced when the upgrade is put in place.

As everything is in order, the final implementation of the Merge would take place smoothly. Once the upgrade takes place, the ETH will move to the proof-of-stake consensus.

Purpose of the Testnet

With the testnet in place, the development teams were able to test the infrastructure, deploy contracts, and run nodes. They also got to test other functionalities that are to be offered through Ethereum’s new implementation.

Comments by CEO of BitMEX

Alexander Hoptner, the CEO at BitMEX, a major cryptocurrency exchange, talked about the significance of the testing phase.

He stated that the testing phase for the Ethereum upgrade was extremely important and the Ethereum teams have executed the tests without any problems.

The testing phase ensures that once the upgrade is implemented, no errors or downtimes will be faced at the particular time.

Even before the implementation of the Merge, the demand for ETH has started to rise significantly. The strong anticipation has helped push the trading price of ETH by 14.00% in the past 7-days.