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digBITex Review

If you are planning to trade in the financial markets online, then you need to find a broker first. They are the ones that facilitate you, which means they provide you the instruments for trading, the platform, and all other tools and services that are required for the process. Hence, their role is an important one and you don’t want to compromise in quality because it can lead to disaster. So, what should you do? Rather than signing up with the first option you find, you should be aware of the essentials of a brokerage and then select one. For instance, this digBITex review can provide some insight into the essentials of this platform.

This is important because every trader is different, which means their offerings and services will vary and you need to know if they can provide you a smooth trading experience. One of the newest additions in the market is that of digBITex and this forex and CFD platform has managed to surpass plenty of other companies in terms of popularity. Since you need to know its essentials, you can check out this review below:

The asset options available 

The essentials of a broker mean you start with the asset options they offer since these refer to the instruments you can trade on their platform. You will find that digBITex provides you access to some of the world’s leading financial markets, which is a huge benefit because it eliminates the need to sign up on different platforms to trade different instruments. You can manage your entire portfolio from one account and even diversify easily, which reduces your trading risks and boosts your returns. The markets that you can explore, include the forex market, stock, indices, commodities, and the lucrative crypto space as well.

The trading platform for use

After knowing what you can trade through the broker, you should look into how you can trade because this will impact your experience significantly. The trading platform provided by digBITex is one that you will have no trouble in using because it is the award-winning MT4 trading platform. This is well-known in the financial markets for delivering quick trade execution and boasting a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for everyone. 

Whether you are a newbie with no experience or an expert with years of experience, you can use the MT4 platform without worrying about a learning curve. You will also find a WebTrader available at digBITex that can be accessed through your browser and doesn’t require any downloading. There are mobile trading apps that can be found for iOS and Android devices and downloaded to give you trading flexibility from anywhere. 

The account opening requirements 

One of the most important things you need to know about a broker is their account opening requirements. Can you meet their requirements? Is the process simple? You will find the procedure very simple and quick at digBITex because they don’t have any such requirements and just ask you to fill out a form on their website. The details needed are very basic, so you don’t have to worry about providing any such confidential information. Your first and last name, an email address and password, country and phone number, and an account currency is needed. You agree with the Terms and Conditions and the requirements are complete.

The assistance provided 

An essential aspect of a broker is the assistance they offer to their clients and you need to ensure they offer timely and professional help, so you are not stuck and unable to trade. This is not something you need to worry about at digBITex because their support staff is available 24/5 and you can contact them via an email address or phone number provided on their website. An online contact form is also given for scheduling a contact at your convenience. 

Ending Thoughts

With competitive trading conditions, high leverage, useful learning materials and a secure environment, you can benefit from digBITex as your online broker.