The popularity of the virtual ecosystem has been on the rise, with institutions and organizations incorporating the metaverse concept into their routines. Reports indicate that a court in Colombia has completed its first virtual trial presided by a judge, which observers revealed appears more authentic than a video conference.

A Court Trial In The Metaverse

Reports revealed that the Magdalena Administrative Court of Colombia held its first virtual trial in the metaverse involving traffic offenders. According to reports, the complaints launched against the police lasted nearly two hours and were filed by the regional transport union.

Accordingly, the case will be continued partly in the metaverse, and observers anticipate the final hearing to be concluded in the virtual ecosystem. The virtual courtroom was occupied by the individual avatars of the participants, from the judge to the accused and the police.

The magistrate judge, Maria Quinones Triana, was adorned in a black robe during the court proceedings. Colombia is one of the first countries to explore judicial proceedings in the metaverse.

As revealed by Reuters, the judge remarked that the metaverse experience was “more authentic than a video interaction.” The latest development concurs with a recent survey conducted by CoinWire about the metaverse.

Most respondents believe that the virtual ecosystem will shape behaviors and patterns of interactions. Going by the survey result, the metaverse is expected to redefine how people socialize and engage in leisure activities.

Moreover, participants at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos last month got to experience a live conference in the metaverse to get a feel of the virtual environment.

Creating Value Through The Metaverse

The metaverse is the next iteration of the internet, shaping the physical and virtual lives of individuals and organizations. Simply put, the metaverse can be many things, a gaming platform, an online retail spot, an advertising strategy, an educational platform, and many more.

While the virtual world continues to be defined and redefined, experts believe that it has the potential to unleash the next phase of innovative and disruptive digital objects. Interestingly, in the first five months of last year, a whopping $12 billion has been plunged into developing metaverse technology and system.

This is more than the $57 billion invested in the sector for 2021. Industry sources believe that the metaverse presents an immersive way for brands to connect with their consumers and enhance collaboration between remote colleagues.

Despite some businesses being skeptical of the metaverse prospects, experts noted that a handful of firms are confident that the virtual ecosystem can generate more revenue for enterprises. From current indications, the economic value of the metaverse has shown to be attractive to numerous brands across all sectors.

Experts explained that the industry also has drawbacks, which players can address to enhance transparency.