The latest cat-themed cryptocurrency, Big Eyes Coin, is catching up to Dogecoin in terms of popularity, making fans of the decade-old memecoin nervous.  As memecoins steadily gain popularity, it’s only natural that more animal-themed tokens come about. Unlike any other asset class, the cryptocurrency market tends to favor innovative and fun tokens as opposed to their dull counterparts. Their catchy names and cute animations have a higher chance of appealing to the industry’s ‘non-believers.’

Dogecoin, initially intended to be a joke, was released in 2013. That was until Elon Musk tweeted about the meme coin in 2019, causing prices to soar. Soon after, the crypto market saw the launch of another dog-themed coin, Shiba Inu, in 2020.

Dogecoin’s Popularity Rivals That Of Major Crypto Players

Currently, Dogecoin has a value of $0.06032 and is ranked tenth on Coinmarket. But despite the price, it has a market capitalization of a whopping $8,040,346,328. That being said, Dogecoin certainly deserves the attention it gets. It’s an open-source P2P cryptocurrency that allows seamless transactions within the community.

Research shows that Dogecoin allows speedy transactions that outshine major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This allows investors to quickly receive their DOGE when making an exchange. Various companies had started accepting cryptocurrency, such as Newegg, Tesla, and the Dallas Mavericks.

Big Eyes coin gives Dogecoin a Run for Its Money

However, Big Eyes has already raised over $3 million in the presale, and as the cryptocurrency begins stage 3 funding, this figure is likely to increase. The cat-themed crypto will launch fantastic NFTs in the future. The aim is to design a top 10 NFT collection so users can sell digital items and make substantial profits in the future.

But it turns out that the creators behind Big Eyes coin aren’t in it just for the money. 5 percent of the total Big Eyes coin supply will go towards ocean-preserving charities. This ensures a positive effect on the environment and ensures that the digital felines get plenty of fish. Nevertheless, it’s likely that the promise of making donations will lure in numerous investors, ultimately leading to greater returns.

Big Eyes Coin Promises Rewards For Community Members

And if that wasn’t enough, the kitty-themed crypto will reward members of the Big Eyes community with the occasional giveaway. Holders can win prizes like free tokens and NFTs. It’s no wonder that crypto is gaining more and more traction.

Despite Dogecoin and Big Eyes coin being animal-themed cryptocurrencies, they both have different perks. Dogecoin offers faster transactions, and P2P sharing, and is on its way to becoming mainstream crypto. On the other hand, Big Eyes coin offers an array of NFTs and a great vision to contribute to the environment.