Recently many updates have been rolling out about how the crypto market is a bubble and will burst soon enough; the credibility of these accusations becomes hard to question when these are coming from the likes of JPMorgan and other reputed analysts and investors out there. But still, this is skeptic talk at best and has nothing to do with how the crypto market functions or how things are going to turn out in the future.

According to the CEO of Ark Invest, Cathie Wood, Bitcoin is doing just fine in the form of a recently acquired short-term rally in its price and soon will be able to outgrow gold as the digital reserve and hedge against inflation. She believes that despite what people are saying and the recent data metrics that make this tinge of doubt valid, the crypto market might be approaching a bubble that is, in fact, questionable.

Cathie Wood Backs the Crypto Market Strongly

Cryptocurrencies, according to Cathy, are a generational phenomenon and continue to develop and grow as the technology does, so taking into account this hypothesis, it is clear that the crypto market is far away from approaching a bubble because technology is still evolving and has not reached a truly exemplary stage where it becomes exclusive. People are saying that we have approached a bubble, says Kathie, but we couldn’t be further from it because the next 10-15 years are very crucial for the crypto world, and people are not even bringing that into the equation at all.

Some of these remarks were pointed to the billionaire investor John Paulson as he sarcastically said that the crypto market has reached a bubble and is done for. But he had no factual proof at all whether or not the market was headed for a bump down the road, it was his own beliefs and thoughts, and it demoted the investors and traders immensely into pouring their money within the crypto market. These types of things bring nothing but devastation among the market and for cryptocurrencies across the board, and according to Cathie, one should be bold enough and must have made their mind when stepping into the crypto market as it is definitely not for everyone.