Donald Trump, a former president of the United States, debuted his own NFT line on December 15. On Thursday, he announced the release of his NFT collection on Truth Social, saying they would make wonderful Christmas presents.

He continued, “I think they’ll be gone pretty shortly.” Purchasing a Trump NFT entitles the owner to participate in a drawing for prizes, which may include a trip for two to meet Trump. Trading cards with 45,000 NFTs were made available for $99 per piece.

According to data from OpenSea, the collection sold out in less than 24 hours. There are 14,666 owners, and almost 64% have only one item. The largest holder held one thousand items.

A Controversial Claim

Meanwhile, an NFT auditor and on-chain analyst ‘NFTherder’ informed his 42,000 Twitter followers that Donald Trump kept a sizable fraction of the rarest NFTs in his collection for himself.

The analyst tweeted pictures taken from the PolygonScan platform. The images demonstrate that multiple mints were sent to the Minter wallet for TrumpCards on December 15.

On December 14, a Gnosis Safe vault wallet was created. The analyst stated that this occurred one day before the launch of the Donald Trump NFT collection. Then, on the day of the launch, a Donald Trump financing wallet transferred MATIC to Donald Trump’s admin wallet.

This later produced 1,000 NFTs for the Gnosis vault. The analyst also claimed that 21 of the 70 autographed NFTs and 47 of the 179 1-of-1 NFTs were produced exclusively for the Donald Trump wallet.

He further said that Donald Trump possesses 28% of autographed NFTs and 26% of 1-of-1 NFTs. According to the analyst, all metadata and artwork are centrally maintained off-chain under the domain name

He said that those in charge of this website could change the characteristics and artwork without it being confirmed on-chain. Additionally, information on the website shows that the original set of the Trump Digital Trading Cards has 45,000 NFTs.

Hence, 1,000 NFTs are missing, given that only 44,000 NFTs were available for purchase.

NFT Market Updates

There has been little activity in the NFT market besides Trump’s sold-out NFT launch. Additionally, NFT market watcher estimates daily sales volume in the NFT market at about $7 million.

By comparison, the daily sales volume for last month was $24 million, indicating that the daily sales volume has dropped by about 70%. According to on-chain data, the Trump collection was the fourth best-selling item over the previous week. But the Bored Ape Yacht Club continues to rule the world of digital art.

Additionally, several commentators predict that cryptocurrency prices would surge if Trump were to become the president of the United States again.