Top Performing Crypto Signals Providers

Crypto signals have become quite popular both among beginners and expert traders. While for the beginners these signals act as a guide, for pro-traders they can act as a second opinion. Due to such increased demand, providing crypto signals has become a viable business option and there are quite a few providers which are doing their job right.

Telegram Signals: Telegram signals is a crypto signals group covering all the platforms. It has a free and a paid service. The free service is limited only to Bitcoin. In the premium service, Telegram signals provide signals for other Altcoins like Ethereun, Ripple, etc. as well. Its paid service includes a crypto-trading bot. This bot can do trades for you as per the suggested signals. Alternatively, the user can define a strategy for the bot to follow.

It gives out signals for the short, medium, and long term. Thus it can be used by traders who are into day trading, making profits from intra-day fluctuation, as well those who like to make a strong portfolio by keeping their holdings for a longer period.

Pro Crypto Signals: The group became operational in 2018 and is giving signals at an average of 100 signals a month. That many signals are enough to keep its users updated on the market fluctuations. To keep things easier for those who can’t constantly monitor the signals, it also provides support for auto-trading. It might be a downside for many that it covers only Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex signals. But then, these are the most popular exchanges globally. Although many signal providers claim to provide auto-trading functionality only a handful have an automation service worth the name.

Pro Crypto Signals have been actually doing a great job at automation which can be configured pretty easily with the help of your API keys. They provide trading signals on their free channel, albeit at a much lower frequency. Their monthly subscription stands at $222 while their yearly subscription is available for $2000. There are options for quarterly and half-yearly payments as well.

MyCryptoParadise: MyCryptoParadise is a crypto signals group that has proved its efficacy as a signals provider by providing consistent and profitable signals to its subscribers. It started operating as a signals provider not quite a lot ago and yet has already become a challenger for the top spot. It’s free to telegram their subscription to make great profits. Its paid group is where the newbies get to copy the trades of the expert traders. 1-month Bybit and BitMex subscriptions start at $199 for a month. For 6 months the rate is $729 and goes up to $1299 for a yearly subscription.

The same Rates are applicable for the Binance VIP channel as well. Their Account management services can help people who don’t have time to trade for themselves. The ParadiseFamilyVIP plan helps their members get profitable trades by being able to copy the pro traders. They get access to a VIP chatroom as well where all the VIP members can chat with each other and discuss anything they want to. The Personal Coaching program offered to these Paradise members is a rare feature of MyCryptoParadise and it can help a dedicated newcomer to become an expert crypto trader in no time.

These crypto signal groups mentioned have been providing accurate signals to their subscribers and are expected to do that in the future as well. But such signal providers are always exchange specific. Thus it is always better to first check whether they support your specific crypto exchange or not. If you have still not decided on a crypto exchange, then choosing a legit crypto signals provider and then choosing an exchange they support might also be a workable strategy.