How to Convert Bitcoin to Cash

New to the crypto world? Wondering how to sell bitcoin for cash? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Due to the coronavirus situation, nearly every country is in a state of lockdown, and everyone is stuck inside their places. This has increased online activity. This blog is dedicated to those looking for ways to convert bitcoin to cash. So keep reading to learn more.

How to Convert Bitcoin to Cash

Anyone can sell bitcoin for cash using a broker exchange platform. Coinbase is the most reputed and professional platform that people can use to exchange bitcoin with fiat currency. The platform has a huge user base of around 13 million. With Coinbase, one can easily sell their bitcoins for cash and then withdraw from their bank account.

An introduction to Coinbase

Coinbase is ranked among the most reputed and best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It has a huge user base of 13 million active users. So, you can rest assured that nothing wrong will happen to your digital assets. The platform makes it easy to use, buy, trade, and store digital currency.

Users can buy Ether, Bitcoin, or even litecoin from Coinbase via digital wallet available on iOS or Android devices, or through trading with other crypto users using the company’s subsidiary platform GDAX. They can also sell their digital currency and receive money into their local bank account. Currently, GDAX operates in Europe, United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and UK. What makes GDAX stand out is that it doesn’t charge any fee for moving funds between Coinbase and GDAX. For more info, visit their official site.

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